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Micro Injection
Molding Compounds

High precision
Micro Injection Molding

Discover the solutions offered by Ortofon's high precision Micro Injection Molding (μIM) components. Our commitment to innovation and precision sets us apart in the industry, ensuring effective and high-quality production.

Unlocking possibilities:
Our diverse solutions

At Ortofon, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet your needs:

  • Mold Validation: Ensuring the quality and precision of molds.
  • Prototype Mold Design: Creating simple prototype molds for testing and evaluation.
  • 3D Printing: Rapid prototyping with our state-of-the-art 3D printing services.
  • Compound Partnership: Collaborating with European compound suppliers to develop and test custom-made materials.

Our tooling is provided in collaboration with technology partners, including renowned European toolshops such as Wittner and DanTools. Mold validation services are available upon request, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of your molds.

Micro Injection Molding

Our advanced facilities
and machinery

Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology through our innovative processes, modern machinery park, and seasoned engineering team. Our facilities, including clean room modules, are equipped for manufacturing high-precision Micro Injection Molding components.

We operate the latest technology, incorporating the Battenfeld Micro Molding Machine for producing small, precise components, and the new fully electric Arburg Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Additionally, our dedicated 3D printing machine is employed for prototyping, providing our engineering team with an efficient means to create and test new designs.

This advanced technology and machinery empower Ortofon Microtech to consistently deliver high-quality components, reinforcing our expertise in manufacturing custom-made, high-precision TPE, and Technical Rubber components. Our capabilities extend to serving the hearing aid industry with precision-crafted components.

Arburg Plastic Injection
Molding Machine

Nestled at the core of our Micro Injection Molding capabilities is the Arburg Plastic Injection Molding Machine — an engineering masterpiece crafted to elevate precision and efficiency in component manufacturing.

The Arburg machine features a gripper arm robot, an innovation that enhances control and ensures the production of components with meticulous precision. This technological advancement significantly contributes to the overall quality and consistency of the micro parts it produces.

The micro-module capability embedded within the Arburg machine takes precision to unprecedented levels. This feature allows for the production of intricate micro parts with unparalleled accuracy, expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved. The machine stands as a versatile asset, enabling the crafting of components with the utmost precision.

Micro Injection Molding
with process-metrology

Step into the world of precision with our video showcase: 'Micro Injection Molding with Process-Metrology.' Explore the intricate processes and advanced technologies behind our Micro Injection Molding capabilities.

Micro Injection Molding


We have developed a unique manufacturing process in collaboration with DTU Mechanical Engineering for high-precision mass manufacturing of 3D multi-material μIM-components. This process, executed on Witmann-Battenfeld Micro Power 15, integrates a metrology strategy for quality control.

Our innovative production method allows for the overmold of metal and plastic components in one mold simultaneously, streamlining complex component production. This method eliminates certain assemblies, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective process.

"Read more" to access our Scientific Papers database.

Benefits of μIM
precision production

Experience the advantages of our Micro Injection Molding precision production:

  • High precision mass manufacturing of highly functional 3D multi-material components.
  • Optimal micro part quality with tolerances in the micrometer range.
  • Effective product and process control for consistent results.
  • Micro manufacturing on a mass production scale.
  • Versatility in producing one-component and multi-material micro components.
  • High-quality production level.

Excellent material and
damping properties

We believe Thermoplastic Elastomers is a material that has a long-term prospects with regard to active development of new properties and applications. TPE has excellent material and damping properties.

"Read more" for Ortofon TPE compounds overview.

Thermoplastic Elastomers compounds

  • Advanced material innovation

    Ortofon works closely with European compound suppliers in order to develop and test new materials. The new materials elaborated by Ortofon have very good properties regarding acoustic damping and isolation vibration.

    Our compounds comply with the requirements for environmental and chemical resistance, skin kindness, bio-compatibility and UV resistance.

    We have the capability to elaborate new compounds according to customer requirements.

  • TPE versatility

    We believe Thermoplastic Elastomers is a material that has a long-term prospects with regard to active development of new properties and applications. TPE has excellent material and damping properties.

    We have developed special TPE compound with improved damping properties that has been applied for optimization of our TA-210 tonearm, LH-10000 headshell and Hi-End phono cartridges.

    Therefore one of our investment areas is TPE, which has been through a remarkable period of development over the past few years.

Examples of Micro Inejtion Molding components

Commercial code

Colour Hardness

[Sh A]
ISO 868 (3s)

ISO 37
at break
ISO 37

ISO 1183-1

OM 0912 Translucent 45 ↔ 6,12 ↔ 700 0,9 ISO 34-2
↓21 ↔ 20
OM 1012 Black 90 n/a n/a 1,9 n/a
OM 1112 Black DIN 53505
3,6 350 1,13 ISO 34-1B
OM 1512 Natural 35 ↓1,9 ↔1,7 ↓335 ↔550 1,56 ISO 34-2
↓18 ↔ 17
OM 1612 Translucent ISO 7619
12 800 0,89 ISO 34-1B
OM 1712 Natural 60 ↓3,1 ↔2,7 ↓305 ↔410 1,98 ISO 34-2
OM 1912 Translucent 50 ↓2,7 ↔9,7 ↓275 ↔620 0,9 ISO 34-2
↓23 ↔17
OM 2012 Translucent DIN ISO 27588
3 700 0,88 ISO 34-1B
OM 2112 Natural ISO 7619
3,5 700 1,1 ISO 34-1B
OM 2212 Black 15 ↓1,5 ↔4,0 ↓750 ↔900 1,9 ISO 34-2
↓12 ↔16
OM 2412 Black 80 ↔612 ↔700 ISO 2718

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