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Micro precision, tailored solutions

Precision, innovation, excellence

Delivering and producing innovative industrial
solutions in technical rubber, micro-assembly, and TPE


  • Technical rubber compounds

    Technical Rubber Compounds

    Draw on 30 years of precision expertise in technical rubber components. All our mixing recipes are accompanied by data sheets, covering the technical properties.
    Our distinct heigh quality compounds, developed, mixed, and crafted at our Nakskov facility in Denmark, are tailored to meet specific needs.

  • Transfer & Compression

    Experience superior molding with our in-house expertise in silicone and rubber production. Our facility, equipped with a dedicated laboratory for compound production, ensures precision. Utilizing vulcanization through compression and transfer molding, our process guarantees excellence in every detail.

  • Micro assemply bone conducters

    Precision Micro Assembly

    We specializes in crafting precise components and micro mechanical assemblies. Our skilled team, using advanced equipment, ensures meticulous assembly. Collaborate for reliable, high-quality micro-assembled products tailored to your specifications, with expert advice during pre-production.

  • Micro Injection Molding

    Micro Injection Molding

    We excel in Micro Injection Molding (μIM), emphasizing high quality production, traceability, and reliable deliveries. Our proficiency includes TPE compounds, and we have the capability to tailor new compounds to meet customer requirements. Our services encompass mold validation, prototype mold design, and 3D prints.

Your trusted partner
in micro precision

With over three decades of expertise, let us be your trusted partner in precision engineering and micro-component solutions. Our commitment is simple yet profound: Small parts, quality partners, problem solvers to finished products. Operating with production capabilities of up to 5 million parts annually and adhering to ISO-13485 standards, we guarantee excellence in every detail.

Ortofon excels in the meticulous crafting of high-precision micro-components, tailored to meet individual requirements and specifications. Our solid industrial background, coupled with expertise in acoustics, magnetism, TPE, and Technical Rubber compounds, forms the foundation of our technology platform. Complemented by micro assembly proficiency, modern machinery, and an experienced engineering team, we ensure effective and high-quality production, continuously optimizing quality and expanding our portfolio to meet your needs.

Customized solutions to your specifications

At Ortofon Microtech, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We possess the capability to develop and produce rubber in-house, specializing in micro-rubber parts, and we are experts in precision micro-assembly.

Guiding your project to optimal performance

Mastering technical rubber excellence

Seeking a solution in technical rubber?
Let us be your guide in selecting the perfect rubber type for your project, ensuring optimal performance.

Our skilled team ensures compliance with Reach/RoHS standards and conducts Shore hardness tests.
As we assist you in finding the right rubber type, unique properties like hardness, density, flexibility, and more undergo rigorous assessments.

Trust us to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

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