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Key manufacturing principles

Ortofon expertise in micromechanicals has been gained through manufacturing high quality cartridges for many years

The key principles behind Ortofon manufacturing are:

1. In-house product development: Research and development is done with the company's own engineers supported by a strong network of acoustic and technological know-how and industrial design in Denmark.

2. A portfolio of suppliers of small components with fine tolerances: We have strong industrial roots and a world-wide network of suppliers. The supplier portfolio (several of whom are also suppliers to the Swiss watch industry) has been developed over many years and is one of our most important assets. Raw materials are tested for quality prior to the production process, to insure the highest quality final results.

3. Key components are made at the factory: Ortofon has years of experience in the production of technical rubber components and suspensions. As part of this process, we’ve developed skills and know-how in unique compounds for technical rubber with excellent acoustic properties. All Ortofon technical rubber production takes place at the factory, where production is set up for specialized items. We have laboratory equipment for own compound production, which means Ortofon has complete control of the quality of the production chain.

4. World class micromechanical assembly: A major part of our micro assembly is carried out under a microscope or using vision equipment. Modern machinery is combined with experienced operators, so human craftsmanship is delivered with uniform industrial quality. The micro assembly is done by our experienced operators, supported by in-house made tooling and a whole culture of working with small tolerances and high precision. The result is products with high performance characteristics.

5. Extensive finished product control using modern equipment and principles: The Ortofon measurement testing set-up is a PC based testing system. After testing, the product is approved by the quality control if the product performance data meets the given test specifications.

6. Compliance with ISO 13485: Ortofon is ISO 13485 certified with a scope "Manufacturing of components in plastic, rubber and metal for the medical device industry and manufacturing of Bone Conductors".

  • Microtech innovation and the culture of excellence

    Since 1918, Ortofon has been a world-leader in the field of precision engineering

  • Bone Conductors - a niche product in the hearing aid market

    Ortofon's core competences in acoustics and micromechanics are ideally suited to the manufacture of BC

  • From customer design to final product

    At Ortofon, we always strive to match the high quality of our products with high quality services