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A culture of small
precision components

Since the company was established in 1918 it has always worked with sound reproduction, starting with sound tracks for movies, over precision cutting heads for records, moving on to cartridges and components for the hearing aid industry. As part of this process, Ortofon developed skills in small precision components and micro mechanical assembly.

micro assembly

Ortofon's expertise in micromechanicals has been gained through the manufacturing of high-quality cartridges over the years. A culture of excellence embedded in small precision components has developed and has its roots in entry control, precision engineering, quality assurance, production planning, and validation of the finished product. Our team consists of highly experienced staff, operators, technicians, and reliable suppliers.

To gain insight into our precision micro assembly process, watch the video.

A complete concept
and total solutions

We offer a complete concept and total solution to the medico-technical and electronics industries.

Once our clients has provided the construction material, we define the task and plan the project from start to finish, including following phases: purchase of material, entry control of material, quality assurance based on ISO 13485, sample production, micro assembly, test, serial production, logistics and project management.

We are focused on high level customer support and providing total solutions for our customers.

The art of
micro assembly

Take a glimpse into the meticulous process behind our precision micro assembly techniques. At Ortofon, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the realm of Phono cartridges. Our Microtech department leverages the refined techniques and insights gained from years of perfecting small precision components.

Bone Conductor

Unlock the possibilities of precision micro assembly with Ortofon's exceptional solution – the Balanced Electromagnetic Separation Transducer (BEST) Bone Conductor.

Our unique competencies in magnetics, acoustics, simulation, materials, and micro-mechanical assembly position us as leaders in the field of micro assembly. This expertise enables us to add significant value to the BEST Bone Conductor design, where we proudly hold the BEST license with commercial rights for applications beyond the diagnostic field of audiology.

Customize solutions
according to your needs

The BEST motor design offers flexibility, allowing us to customize solutions according to specific customer needs or performance requirements. Our commitment to innovation means we are continually developing new products, and we also specialize in providing fully customized solutions for unique applications.

Explore the full potential of our Bone Conductor customized solutions. Discover how Ortofon's micro assembly expertise can elevate your project.

Examples of micro assembly

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