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European Innovative Training Network MICROMAN

Ortofon A/S and DTU Mechanical Engineering are working in close collaboration to provide an all-round, comprehensive and specialized training in micro manufacturing

The continuous trend towards miniaturization and multi-functionality embedded in products and processes calls for an increasing innovation, research and development within the European manufacturing sector

The objective of the MICROMAN project is to provide an all-round, comprehensive yet specialized training in the field of micro manufacturing:

1. Innovative process fingerprint framework for zero-defect net-shape micro manufacturing.

2. Cutting edge interdisciplinary training in different micro manufacturing technologies.

Collaboration between Ortofon A/S and DTU Mechanical Engineering

Ortofon's role as industrial partner is to provide hosting Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions, equipment for pilot production and quality control, training and study case for technology validation.

The expected results of the MICROMAN projects are:

  • Pilot production of micro surgical device component with embedded finger print features in the micro product design
  • Pilot production with process parameters integrated monitoring
  • Quality assurance by real time in-line process and product metrology for total quality assurance

Ortofon's technology platform

Ortofon's industrial profile, competences in acoustics, magnetism, materials and micromechanical assembly, focus on innovation and product development, modern machinery, suppliers portfolio, and last but not least experienced, motivated and highly skilled operators are the cornerstones of Ortofon's technology platform that ensures positive contribution to the MICROMAN project.

January 4th 2016 Ortofon obtained ISO 13485 certification with a scope: Manufacturing of components in plastic, rubber and metal for the medical device industry and manufacturing of Bone Conductors.

The new MicroPower machine for micro injection moulding →

The outcome of the MICROMAN project

Ortofon will contribute to MICROMAN project by investing in the new production equipment and, in cooperation with DTU Mechanical Engineering, by developing and verifying the new micro-injection-moulding (µIM) process development and optimization, production set-up, measurement and quality control processes.

We expect the MICROMAN project final results will enable to develop process technology for micro injection molding for medical devices, process new knowledge in materials for surgical devices, expand our micro-technical network with new competent partners.